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Medical Facilities

Avoid the miscommunication, problems, and headaches caused by hiring just any local cleaning company. Hundreds of Hospitals, Labs, Clinics, Surgical Facilities, Medical Offices, and Veterinarians rely on Aspen Cleaning Services to disinfect, sanitize their work environment so it can be safe for all. Healthy environments bring productivity and feel inviting to all visitors. Your staff and patients will notice the Aspen Cleaning difference. 

Doctor's Desk

When it comes to medical facilities cleaning needs, we don’t compromise. Our standards were developed based on the best practices and procedures for the industry as established by:

  • OSHA


  • EPA

  • CDC

  • AORN

  • Safe Cleaning Practices including programs covering effective disinfection and the OSHA blood borne pathogens standard

  • Nosocomial Infection Control through effective cleaning and disinfection techniques

  • Minimized Cross Contamination utilizing microfiber wipers and floor cleaning systems

  • HIPAA Protection of confidentiality of any patient information with which cleaning crews may have incidental contact

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